Within the connected world of the internet, the likelihood that total strangers would be your first customers is very real. Getting found on google has never been more easy than it is today.

I’m pretty sure you’ve thought about getting your business found on google search. You have found other businesses on google search countless times, in fact, some of the times you found them, you were even in an emergency and all you had to do was pull out your smart phone and do a search for so and so.

The obvious question then is this: How do I get my own business showing up as possible results when people search for certain keywords on google or any other search engine? The answer is what is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. You probably have come across the acronym SEO before, well, there you have it. It means optimising your website for search engines so that they display your website as one of the results when certain keywords or key phrases are searched for. Read More