Technology Entrepreneur, Certified Consultant, Startup Founder, Dad!

I started in Science, on my way to being a medical doctor, but creativity and technology had a greater pull. Even while studying Microbiology, I knew I was going to go after the arts or  technology. I played around a bit with arts, but technology won my heart since late 2009, when I began to

teach myself web design. Web Design quickly morphed into Digital Advertising and this gave way to exploring solutions that could be delivered over the web to solve problems. Many startup ideas later, some good, some woeful, I am here, willing to lend eyes to anyone willing to see quicker.

For over a decade, I have run a business offering digital services to small, medium and multinationals. Technology being an enabler, the possibilities that exist in the business world today continue to expand, and the range of services we offer are available across borders and territories. We specialize in delivering digital advertising and digital consultation services. Our firm, FlyMyAds Digital Services drives performance marketing services for organizations both home and abroad.

As a highly Certified Digital Marketing Professional, our work speaks for itself. You can view my credentials here, here and here.

As a Facebook Certified Trainer, I am currently (as at 2021) one of the 11 Certified Lead Trainers in Nigeria. This Certification is awarded by Facebook to valued partners who deliver training to people within their respective communities, covering Facebook’s advertising products across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Since 2018, I have personally trained close to 5,000 SMEs across several regions in Nigeria.

One of my active passions is seeing individuals grow and become self-sustaining. In our part of the world, however, the lack of easily affordable structured business education makes the growth and success of small businesses a very demanding task. I believe strongly that successful entrepreneurs owe it as a duty to help others succeed and this is why I actively participate in various formal and informal Mentor programs. Some of them are:

1. Mentor, Tony Elumelu Foundation
2. Mentor, TechQuest FESP Program
3. Mentor, Impact Hub Lagos
4. Mentor, Inspire Africa (Lift Capstone Project)
5. Mentor, African Development Bank (AfDB) Enable Youth Program
6. Mentor, Venture Capital for Africa, (VC4A)
7. SMEDAN Certified Business Development Support Professional (BDSP)

Akowe is my baby. It is an online platform for issuing educational credentials digitally and securely using blockchain technology. It is also a platform for graduates and professionals to upload and keep their educational credentials, making them digitally safe and easily retrievable from anywhere in the world.

We launched Akowe in October 2020, and till date it has seen some great strides in the market. Akowe was also part of the Founder Institute Pre-Seed Accelerator program, FI-Lagos Cohort 4.

The Enterprise Development Center of the Pan Atlantic University is arguably one of the most prestigious institutions on the African continent that caters to Small and Medium Enterprises.  I studied Entrepreneurship Management at EDC in 2015 and it was a turning point in my business and career. My experience at the EDC was so deep that it propelled me into lending a hand to SMEs anywhere I can, because it became glaring that the difference between a succeeding business and a failing one, is sometimes just the information either has access to.

I regularly consult for SMEs on behalf of EDC and my relationship with the EDC has become one of family.