5 Proven ways to create an income stream for yourself

“If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can’t, then you can’t”

These two sentences are the cornerstones of success. Or Failure! They are so simple, yet so true. They simply state the facts as they are thereby reminding us that our successes or failures lie only in our own hands and the decisions we make. I do not think it needs further explanation.

This post is meant for those who have become brave enough to explore the possibilities that lie beyond their comfort zone. because that’s where the magic happens. It is meant for those who have resolved within themselves to create for themselves another source of income. It is meant for those who, through the desperation of unemployment, have also resolved to find a solution for themselves.


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Why I LOVE Mondays

Nigeria is hard. There are just too many bottle necks besotting the most simple processes. Entrepreneurship in Nigeria is even harder. But hey, whoever said it was going to be easy?

A few days ago while stuck in the world-famous Lagos traffic, I thought to myself while standing in the BRT bus: some people do this everyday? We had been in traffic for about two hours and I wasn’t even sitting! The queue at the BRT station had made me promptly join the ‘standing line’. Now I was shifting my weight from one leg to the other. The guy standing behind me was obviously a veteran; he came prepared: large earphones plugged to his Samsung phone. He was oblivious of the traffic.


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The Tribal Headache

Nnenna was a very decent girl. She had very fine manners! Her thank yous, sorrys and pleases were very on point and was of the kind that made the heart of a man melt like butter on a hot loaf of bread. Needless to say, Nnenna was the jewel of her parents. She was obedient and didn’t need to be told about doing house chores. In all ramifications of the word, Nnenna was a sweet girl and she was fast growing into a fine young woman.

Olabode could not get his wits about him anytime he came around her! To start with, he wasn’t much of a talker so it became even more difficult to carry on a lengthy conversation with her. All he knew in his heart was that Nnenna was special, and delicate, like an egg, and needed to be protected, and cared for!


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We are children of the same father!

He cannot make heaven???

In the past few days, I have heard quite a number of condescending remarks about a certain matter in which the speaker(s) had absolutely no idea of the truth behind the matter.

People believe wrong things. Unfortunately, that cannot be helped.

“He cannot make heaven!”

Such a simple statement, but (more…)

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To the ordinary girl, I’m an ordinary boy too…

Love is the greatest force in all the World! It has driven us from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows! Yet we do not shrink from falling in love time and time again. That’s simply because it is quite frankly, simply beyond us! We are essentially made up of Love Particles…


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15 Hints for a healthy Relationship

To me, Life and Love cannot be separated! A life without love will definitely be a hard and forlorn one, and love without life is something I am not sure exists. For Love itself is alive! And to betray it is tantamount to killing something dear!

We have probably all gone through a heartbreak at one time or another, and we know, in our different ways, how heartfelt a heartbreak can be!

Perhaps sometimes, heart breaks are inevitable but at some other times, they can be avoided…


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CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 4

My Goodness!!! Mr Ibo Man Client would have to wait! A telephone call had just come through and it was one of those phone calls you wished you hadn’t answered or at least answered when you could deal with the situation properly! But you can’t start choosing what calls to answer, can you?

Up and Down Nigeria LTD naturally had a web hosting service. A re-seller service which they had just recently closed up in exchange for their own self-owned web hosting service! This move necessitated the transfer of all websites being hosted on the former service to this new self-owned service! It was no mean feat! There were over fifty websites on the former host and moving all those websites to the new host was one task that had to be handled with such care or else, Mr Client from somewhere would check his website and would see a blank screen.


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CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 3

The BRT queue was as long as from victoria island to ketu! And to make matters worse, there wasn’t a single BRT bus in sight! What to do, what to do! In this business, there’s no time wasting! Thinking on your feet becomes a reflex action! It would have to be the other buses!

Not very palatable, but it was the only option available… I won’t bore you with the gory details of the conductor and passenger trouble that happened on our way! That’s a story for another day!


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CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 2

Soon, we reached my destination! As I alighted I asked Mr Rider how much my fare was! I shouldn’t have!
Mr Rider: Na 300 oga
CEO: tiree wetin? I was mad! The fare was 150 per person
Mr Rider: oga I tell you befo you enta o. Na why I no carry anoda passenja o.
CEO: Whish time you tell me? Me I no yeah anytin o… (I was on the phone as I got on his bike and by this time we were already frowning daggers at each other)
me I no fit give you 300 o… from where to where? Na today?
Mr Rider: Oga I no go gree o… If to say you tell me, I fo stop carray anoda pesin join you, I no fo carry only you….


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I’ll be your moonshine.
I’ll be your silverlight.
I’ll be here when you need me.
I’ll be there when you need me.
I’ll fan that light spark.
I’ll fan it ablaze.
I’ll let your hair down.
I’ll play the music to your dance.
I’ll dance it with you.


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