The Tribal Headache

Nnenna was a very decent girl. She had very fine manners! Her thank yous, sorrys and pleases were very on point and was of the kind that made the heart of a man melt like butter on a hot loaf of bread. Needless to say, Nnenna was the jewel of her parents. She was obedient and didn’t need to be told about doing house chores. In all ramifications of the word, Nnenna was a sweet girl and she was fast growing into a fine young woman.

Olabode could not get his wits about him anytime he came around her! To start with, he wasn’t much of a talker so it became even more difficult to carry on a lengthy conversation with her. All he knew in his heart was that Nnenna was special, and delicate, like an egg, and needed to be protected, and cared for!


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