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My Goodness!!! Mr Ibo Man Client would have to wait! A telephone call had just come through and it was one of those phone calls you wished you hadn’t answered or at least answered when you could deal with the situation properly! But you can’t start choosing what calls to answer, can you?

Up and Down Nigeria LTD naturally had a web hosting service. A re-seller service which they had just recently closed up in exchange for their own self-owned web hosting service! This move necessitated the transfer of all websites being hosted on the former service to this new self-owned service! It was no mean feat! There were over fifty websites on the former host and moving all those websites to the new host was one task that had to be handled with such care or else, Mr Client from somewhere would check his website and would see a blank screen.

And that had just happened!

Not only was Mr Client raving angry on the phone, he had every right to be! I kind of gleaned from all the anger venting that it was a customer visiting his website that had pointed out the blank screen! Ouch, that was very bad! Anyway, I read him his rights… You have the right to remain angry, anything you say shall be used to solve the problem… etc etc…. Though he was a little placated, I knew the only true solution was to get the site back up and hope that he hadn’t lost too many customers yet!

Now what exactly was the problem? I had no idea! I was sure I had painstakingly moved all the sites correctly… Maybe it was one of those few ones I did not check after moving! Sigh!

What to do, what to do! I didn’t have Eloise with me! (That’s my laptop). It seems I had to jump into the nearest cyber cafe I found or wait till I got back home! I didn’t want a repeat call from Mr Client so cafe it was gonna be! It definitely feels good when you make the call to the client that their issue had been resolved!

The nearest cyber cafe was another matter on its own… They still had those old school monitors that looked like tvs… And the tops were so caked with dust I was wondering how the poor things were getting ventilation! I waited for about 30 minutes before the first system was free for me to use… (It was early evening already and the yahoo boys were hot on their milking strategies) I sat down to my task and I would have been surprised if the keyboard wasn’t squealing!

I found the issue! A tiny infinitesimal letter was missing from the address! Arrrgh. What one little letter can cause! I resolved it quickly, made sure blank screen was now fine website and made a mental note to check all the other websites when I got back to my desk! I made my feel-good call! Premium service from Up and Down Nig LTD! ๐Ÿ˜€
There was no point rushing anymore, it was gonna be me and Lagos Traffic this evening so I called Client C, he cancelled!

Ayodeji Agboola

Ayodeji is a web enthusiast, WordPress lover and a graphic artist! He spends his time developing websites, (Large and Small) for clients all over the world!

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  1. Ebun

    Nice ayo. Like your style of writing .

  2. Ayodeji

    Thanks ma’am……

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