We are children of the same father!

Everywhere on earth where there can still be found deserving humanity, there arises, in as many languages as can be found, heartfelt gratitude towards the Supreme Creator, for keeping us through the year!

The colour of gratitude is the same, no matter from whose heart it bubbles up. And to the One True Creator we doth express this gratitude.

Let us recognise therein, that we all, no matter the colour or race, are children of the same Father. And our differences only serve to strengthen us… Away with the hating and finger pointing and all manner of animosity towards one another! Siblings do not carry on as such!

A new year resolution worth adding to your list!

Ayodeji Agboola

Ayodeji is a web enthusiast, WordPress lover and a graphic artist! He spends his time developing websites, (Large and Small) for clients all over the world!

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