CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 2

Soon, we reached my destination! As I alighted I asked Mr Rider how much my fare was! I shouldn’t have!
Mr Rider: Na 300 oga
CEO: tiree wetin? I was mad! The fare was 150 per person
Mr Rider: oga I tell you befo you enta o. Na why I no carry anoda passenja o.
CEO: Whish time you tell me? Me I no yeah anytin o… (I was on the phone as I got on his bike and by this time we were already frowning daggers at each other)
me I no fit give you 300 o… from where to where? Na today?
Mr Rider: Oga I no go gree o… If to say you tell me, I fo stop carray anoda pesin join you, I no fo carry only you….

And on and on he went! I really didn’t have time for story early in the morning. I whipped out my wallet and handed him a 200 naira note. He hesitated just a fraction of a second and I turned, walking briskly away! Of course he sped up a moment later saying: ‘oga just bring am like that, next time I no go….’ As if we had somehow agreed he was now my dedicated Rider! ‘You fo no collect am na…’ I told him! How could he even think that trick would work? Especially on Mr CEO himself… He deserved a slap to the head after all!

The task at hand was crucial! I had to somehow meet three clients all within three hours and they were all at the far end of town, over the atlantic! I so hated the Lagos evening traffic and I always wanted to be out of there before the traffic started to build up!

Client A was a woman… A referral from a job I did ages ago! Thank goodness for hyperlinks! The women were easy! They told you what they wanted and asked if you could do it. And if I could do it, I wowed them even more by adding ideas to what they wanted.

Client B was also a woman and though I wasn’t yet sure what she wanted, it still needed a look-see! Client C was a man! Not my favourites! Sadly! He wanted online exposure for his offline business! Though it was very doable, it was also as tricky. I’ll tell you why later!

Right now it was time for BRT. Thank goodness for a forward thinking Governor like ours! Baba, I hail o! As I got to the BRT park… My jaw dropped!

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