He cannot make heaven???

He cannot make heaven???

In the past few days, I have heard quite a number of condescending remarks about a certain matter in which the speaker(s) had absolutely no idea of the truth behind the matter.

People believe wrong things. Unfortunately, that cannot be helped.

“He cannot make heaven!”

Such a simple statement, but then logically thinking people would immediately spot the faultiness behind this line of reasoning. First, any logically thinking person will realize that it is not in anybody’s place to determine who will or who will not make heaven! Your field of competence is yourself and yourself alone!

A further closer look at the reasoning behind this sort of statements will immediately reveal that making heaven is believed to be a kind of automatic thing! As long as you fulfill some external criteria e.g. Become a Christian, confess your sins, give your life to Christ, become born again, and as soon as you die, you are entitled to a one way non-stop flight to heaven!!! How marvelous!

In all of this, no emphasis is even laid on the quality of life lived by the individual, as long as the external criteria is met, we can pat ourselves in the back and smile: He has made heaven! I ask: What then is to become of the people of far away land and climes living simple lives in their mountain homes and have in no way come in contact with the christian religion? Will they be denied heaven simply because they do not fulfill these externals? How about children who die at an age where you cannot really ascribe a religion to them? Are they also doomed since they have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour? Its food for thought!

Indeed, the reason for this kind of reasoning is not far-fetched! We are humans and humans have grown to become creatures of comfort! We would rather someone else does our job for us. We would rather not own up to our own guilt, better someone else takes the fall for it! For how else can we explain a scenario where you could be cleared of all sin at a moment’s notice and be assured a place in heaven even when we know to our very bone that one must reap what one has sewn? According to this line of reasoning, a mass murderer, after repenting and fulfilling all the externals, is automatically assured of heaven while those he killed, who perhaps had no chance to even say a prayer for their lives, or who had not yet fulfilled these externals are automatically doomed to hell. For all eternity!

To my mind, the Justice and Love of the Almighty is not that petty!

If it were that easy to make heaven, why are the saved still so frightened to death about the thought of death? Why is it that no one wants to die even when it has been assured that they will make heaven? The answer, again, isn’t so far-fetched. It is mock belief! Deep deep down, hearts are not at rest because they know that there is such a huge uncertainty as to what happens after earthly death! If they were so certain, then there will be no fear!

Death is inevitable! No matter how much we hide from it, it comes nearer day by day! To continue to deny oneself the true knowledge of what happens after earthly death is a mistake that is very grave! (Excuse the pun 🙂 ) Obviously, religion has tried, but up till this very moment, it has not answered the questions about death satisfactorily. If it had, there would be no fear! It will therefore make sense (to any logical thinking person) to seek that knowledge while still here on earth, while there is still ample time to weigh matters objectively.

Ayodeji Agboola

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  1. Anonymous

    nice endeavor….

    1. Ayodeji Agboola

      Thank you

  2. Melvina


  3. Mariam Aliyu

    Thank u help me tell them oo, one girl gave me one story abt 3 girls dat did runs and that they were all infected and had to die, she then said she is very sure 2 of them went to hell and the other went to heaven because she received Christ…I just looked at her and said to myself how can someone be this ignorant

    1. Ayodeji Agboola

      Indeed, my people perish for lack of knowledge! Some people, unfortunately cannot be helped because help can only come to those who ask for it!

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