15 Hints for a healthy Relationship

15 Hints for a healthy Relationship

To me, Life and Love cannot be separated! A life without love will definitely be a hard and forlorn one, and love without life is something I am not sure exists. For Love itself is alive! And to betray it is tantamount to killing something dear!

We have probably all gone through a heartbreak at one time or another, and we know, in our different ways, how heartfelt a heartbreak can be!

Perhaps sometimes, heart breaks are inevitable but at some other times, they can be avoided…

These hints may not apply to everybody and they may appeal to only those who have serious long-term relationships but I hope they will be of help to at least someone out there….
Hang on to your Love people!


A man loves attention almost as much as a woman does, show him your attention… SMSs, phone calls, etc and don’t care who’s watching or listening, its your life you are securing.


A woman will do anything to protect the love that has grown between her and her man, because there are always those wanting it to go sour either on purpose or by omission… So she makes it her duty to know where the weeds are growing and to yank them out by the roots. Boss, be a gentleman and be true too!


A man will always take dressing from a true woman consciously and subconsciously, so, ladies don’t be afraid to state clearly your opinion or nudge him gently in the direction you want him to go… Afterall, he’s a man, he will always follow as long as he loves you.


In love, give your all, you can never lose.


Don’t assume she knows you love her, show her daily, same goes for you ma’am!


There’s nobody who has got nothing to say… one with whom one will spend a lifetime is more than a husband/wife, indeed is more than a friend… all walls, all encumbrances, all perceived difficulties should come crashing down when it comes to this person, they are after all your other half, the sounding board for your thoughts, the answerer to your ponderings, the shoulder in the weary days, the resounding laughter to your own smile… No inhibitions… Give your all…


His house is yours to make a home… where he can retire after the daily war in his earthly domain, where he won’t have any other lovely thing to look at but you… A man loves a good home, but all he can provide is a house!


Play, play play… after all there’s time for play isn’t there? Life is short. Drag him off his work sometimes and make him give you a good time… you are his other half too aren’t you! He can’t say no…


Hard times are there so you can know the true value of the good times… Hard times grind you closer so don’t fear it, face it with calm trust in Him Above, for to fear it, or to wish it away is to accept defeat and to prolong the stay of hard times. Remember, only tough people are allowed to outlast tough times.


Say it to her You Love Her, even if she knows it! Say it to him you are sorry when you have wronged him. Everything disappears from his mind after that. And make him do same if he has wronged you… nudge him gently. He can be boss at work, he can’t be boss at home…


Communication! Talk about everything! Absolutely everything! Not just your dreams and hopes, but your everyday life… How the new lady secretary at work has been looking at you… (Yes boss) and how your boss was seeming to suggest you go out together next weekend! Talk about it all! What it does for you is it reinforces the trust you have for each other… And much strength can be gained from it!


Also talk about the bedroom business… Very Very Important! Boss, cuddle her afterwards, be courteous enough to not sleep off immediately or don’t just be in a hurry to jump into the bath. Ma’am, am sure you know what to do if he doesn’t comply!


Women are emotional creatures, and men can sometimes be brutes… A compromise is essential! A genuine attempt to understand the male and female differences will go further than complaining about the inadequacies!


You both are from different backgrounds. You will see things differently, hence stock up on the compromise pills… Be open, and you’d see how beautifully you will colour each other, and before long your views won’t be so different!


The reason you are a perfect fit is because your abilities or characters ‘complement’ each other! You’re hot-headed and she’s cool, she’s the extrovert and you’re the introvert, (she’s a beauty and you’re of course a beast 🙂 ). And your goals and aspirations, both material and spiritual are the same! When these goals and aspirations differ, it’s a recipe to part ways….

I hope this helps you in your relationships… Stay tuned for more next time! Cheers friends!

Ayodeji Agboola

Ayodeji is a web enthusiast, WordPress lover and a graphic artist! He spends his time developing websites, (Large and Small) for clients all over the world!

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  1. Ufuoma

    Thanks!!! Very apt! We all need these tips (short term and long term ppl, oh and d no-term ppl too). I especially love tips 5, 6, 14, 15 and 12! 😀

    1. Ayodeji

      Lool, no-term people

  2. Ayodeji

    Thanks Ufoma, Perhaps you could also share from your own bag of experience too!

  3. Emmanuel

    “In love, give your all, you can never lose”? … some people will contest that.

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