CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 1

CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 1

Its morning and the rush hour is just beginning to ebb. I have a few places to touch before heading back home. As CEO of Up and Down Nig LTD, my working hours are very unconventional. My best form of transportation is the ubiquitous okada. You sit astride one of them and you pray the entire length of the journey, or you give the rider a slap on the head  and tell him to pull over if he’s riding like he’s got a death wish.

Off we go and Mr Rider is weaving in and out of the ebbing rush hour traffic, he seems to be careful enough and doesn’t need a slap to the head. Not yet anyway. Presently we get to the bottom of an incline in the road and some traffic had built up. We stop. A few moments later, the cars begin to move and then came roaring powerfully down the hill one of those eighteen-wheeler trucks.

It was scamper time. You either move off its path fast enough or risk being flattened. A quick check at the truck driver (yes, from our distance) told me all was still well. He didn’t look panicked thus I surmised that his brakes were still intact and even though he wasn’t really speeding down the hill, suddenly stopping that truck would be impossible or better said an attempt to suddenly stop its movement down the hill will only cause more havoc for the cars all lined up in the traffic.

Then it struck me: this must be the reason we cannot suddenly change the outcome of our thoughts and wishes. When we wish something strongly, we very soon see it happening and it would only end when it has run its course even though sometimes we now want the opposite.

In any case Mr. Eighteen-Wheeler had passed beside us without much harm except that he’d left us with a good dose of heavy black diesel fumes which we dutifully turned our noses up to. (Okadas don’t have air conditioning you know). Mr. Rider is weaving through the traffic once again and it seems he isn’t going to get a slap to the head after all. I was wrong.

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Ayodeji Agboola

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    1. Anonymous

      Lool…. Share it if you will!

  1. Anonymous

    Wow!!! very interesting read….

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm…..once you let go, you can’t take it back!

  3. Segebee

    Nice;y written. good beginning… but it seems to short and i cant get to experience the dramatic part of the main xter’s life. maybe in the next series i guess… good job

  4. Ayodeji

    Yes, perhaps in the later series… They are up by the way… read on read on…

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