CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 3

CEO Up and Down Nig LTD 3

The BRT queue was as long as from victoria island to ketu! And to make matters worse, there wasn’t a single BRT bus in sight! What to do, what to do! In this business, there’s no time wasting! Thinking on your feet becomes a reflex action! It would have to be the other buses!

Not very palatable, but it was the only option available… I won’t bore you with the gory details of the conductor and passenger trouble that happened on our way! That’s a story for another day!

From the itinerary plan in my head, it was best to check on Client B first because I figured we couldn’t spend too long discussing what she wanted! And just as I’d predicted, the meeting was brief! She ran a gift store and wanted a website for it! Doable but its a Herculean task! And I’m no Hercules. Gone are the days when I would take on any and every job… Until I almost burned out…

I explained to her what it will take, and whether she had the resources and man power to handle a website of that nature and since the Nigerian online landscape wasn’t yet really into online purchasing, I advised her to wait!

Client A, interestingly, also had a store(Women and stores!!!) and as I was beginning to rehearse the Client B story in my mind, and ultimately wondering how a fine day like this could go to waste, she once more inserted joy in my heart! She was bored with her store and she wanted to go into those educational consultancy services where you ferry the eager minds to schools abroad, so she wanted a website for the Consultancy Service… Easy job… I charged her a handsome fee and she didn’t bat an eyelid (and one dark corner of my mind said: you should have charged a more handsome fee! I told it to shut up, that doesn’t it know that its the more handsome fee that spoils everything? It still had a hard time shutting up)

I left the store with the salient details for the job and a 70% deposit for the job! Just like that! I’ had never even met Client A before! That’s why trust is one of the most important ingredients in this business! The referral I got for this job was from a job I had done ages ago for a client that was clearly still very impressed by the work! So keep your diligence on the front burner… It will bring you more than you know!

It was time to go see Client C. A proper Ibo business man! I ended up liking him sha… We meet him in Episode 4!

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