On Earth Where I Come From

On earth where i come from,
The people are queer!
The women scarcely wear clothes while the men tend to wear too many.

The children are so educated
You wonder where they learn it all.

Some people attach exploding devices to themselves
And blow things up, themselves included. How queer.

While some starve to death for lack of food and drink,
Others throw away food, are overfed, or feed overfed pets.

Some believe their sins were carried away by Someone Who did not sin
And some others believe the world cannot do without sin.

There are children who are wiser than their parents
And there are parents who are younger than their parents.

The schools teach what they know,
But what they know is nothing compared to what they don’t.

The World leaders sign peace treaties,
They forget that peace is not found on paper but rather in our hearts.

Every year, the weather worsens, They say it is geographical misnomer,
They do not percieve the Wrath of The Lord.

Science and technology is so full of itself,
It forgets it is still only a child of nature.

Man stands at the height of his intellect, king of the world,
Little does he know, that, the world, with all its vastness,
Is only a grain of sand in the whole of creation.

And he, man, only an infinitestimal speck of dust in the scheme of things.

To be swept aside if he cannot be a useful speck of dust!

On earth where i come from,
Men think that the Lord needs them.

Little do they know that their presence, or absence for that matter,
Is of no consequence to him that put them there.

They have forgotten that it is they who need Him and not otherwise.
They have forgotten to be grateful for His Mercies.
They have found their own will and forgotten the Will of the Lord.
They have forgotten Thee, O Lord

Help us O Lord.

Ayodeji Agboola

Ayodeji is a web enthusiast, WordPress lover and a graphic artist! He spends his time developing websites, (Large and Small) for clients all over the world!

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